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How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things but by how well we are understood.
Andrew S. Grove
The first and most difficult task of dialogue involves parking the ego and listening with an open spirit. From this receptivity can come questions which lead to understanding. To ask these questions requires that one no longer need to have the best or last answer. Expanding one's understanding becomes more important than being right or getting one's point across.
Ann McGee-Cooper
You better know your song before you sing it.
Bob Dylan
Words have the power to destroy or heal. When words are true and kind they can change the world.
The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.
Daniel W. Davenport
Communication is really all anyone ever gets paid for ultimately...and if you cannot effectively will PAY...not get paid.
Doug Firebaugh
Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained as stupidity.
Hanlan's Razor
The form is the message and the message is the form.
Heinz von Foerster
No man means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thought is viscous.
Henry B. Adams
The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but progress.
Joseph Joubert
I am sorry for the length of my letter, but I had not the time to write a short one.
Mark Twain, Voltaire, Pascal, Pliney, Proust
To create better health in a living system, connect it to more of itself.
Meg Wheatley
The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.
Peter Drucker
Do not write merely to be understood. Write so you cannot possibly be misunderstood.
Robert Louis Stevenson
Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; an argument an exchange of ignorance.
Robert Quillen
You cannot not communicate.
Steve Andreas